My4Cast is the ultimate App for managing sales targets & evaluating sales pipeline in Salesforce.

Measure any Opportunity field

ARR, MRR, Standard Amount or any other standard or custom field on Opportunity.

Hold Multiple Targets 

Measure different aspects that are critical for your business, like renewals, New business or any other segment of your data.

Dynamic Forecast Categories

Filter and bucket together any data that is of interest to you.

Summarize/Group By Fields (not just users).

Group the targets by your organization’s Role Hierarchy or ignore the Hierarchy and use any field to group by, for example Territory or Type.

User Forecast Dashboard

Provide your sales team with a Dashboard so they can see where they stand relative to their Target.

Empower Team Leaders

Provide sales managers with super easy access to manage their teams Targets.

Measure any Data

My4Cast also supports any other Salesforce Object, so you can manage and measure other elements of your business like Orders, Sales demos, meetings etc’.

 ARR Forecast & Target grouped by Role Hierarchy

ARR Forecast & Target grouped by Account Region

Dashboard with drill down to individual user

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