Pardot is Salesforce’s B2B integrated marketing-automation solution that empowers your Marketing Department to engage and prioritize leads efficiently. With Pardot, you improve your intelligence about prospects who are interested in your products and engage them with impressive, tailor-made marketing messages over multiple channels such as contact forms on your website and action driven emails. Quickly create unique, effective customer journeys that drive prospects to engage with you. Track prospects, conversions and campaigns, and measure the success of every activity. Pardot flags leads at the right time and forwards them to the proper sales execs to help them close deals.

ITmyWay Shows You How

We are experts at implementing and using Pardot. Bringing considerable marketing intellectual property to the table, we become part of your team, aligning Marketing and Sales into a single, coherent process the way you want to run your business. The end result is a highly efficient operation that boosts ongoing engagement with customers and leads to more sales.

Build out personalized customer journeys

Track campaign performance with a complete view of the prospect’s journey across Marketing and Sales

Create customized emails and capture forms that get response

Record complete prospect engagement history

Generate real-time alerts from every customer contact

Pardot Engagement Studio


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