Working with hundreds of B2B companies on both sides of the pond (Israel and US), we know how Salesforce can transform companies large and small. We put our experience and deep knowledge of Salesforce at your service, structuring and growing your implementation in the way that’s right for your business now and in the future. We contribute our profound knowledge of best practices to make and keep your organization functioning efficiently. We help you stand out!

Sales Cloud

Equip your Sales Department with an ultra-efficient working environment featuring structured processes that are transparent across the organization. Get instant, accurate measurements of the sales pipeline and drill down to see the latest status of any customer engagement or sales process. We help you scale your sales operation as you grow.

Service Cloud

Impress your customers with a personalized experience and quickly resolve their problems. Enable customers to contact you effectively from any channel of their choice: website, mobile phone, social media, etc. Enable your sales and support staff to view the most current, relevant customer-service information, speeding support processes and engaging effectively.

Pardot Marketing Automation

Empower your Marketing Department with the means to engage with leads across multiple channels. Automatically recognize engaged leads at the right time for the right sales execs to help them close deals. Plan and visualize customer journeys that drive prospects to engage with you and measure your success at every point in the journey. platform

Your business is unique and may not adhere to Sales Cloud’s standard processes. No problem! We will create a custom application of the Salesforce platform to enable you to use it effectively in the way that adds the most value to your operation. Have it your way!

Customer & Partner Communities

Let us show you how to improve customer and partner engagement by building your own branded communities where you can empower your customers and partners to find solutions, access knowledge, and register partner opportunities.


CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is Salesforce’s sales tool for companies to quickly and accurately generate quotes. CPQ quotes are automated according to a preprogrammed set of rules, ensuring error-free pricing that takes into account quantities, discounts, product dependencies and optional features. We’ll help you make CPQ your ultra-efficient quote generator.


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